Single Girder EOT Cranes

Aditya make Single Girder cranes are modular in construction using standard wire rope hoist. Compact and light weight design ensures lower building space, most optimum utilization of floor space and lower building loads.

Special Features of modular cranes :

• Light Weight and compact construction minimizing building loads and space saving
• Suitable for Light and Medium duty workshop applications
• All motors are TEFC with class F insulation
• Heavy duty cast steel rope guide
• Upper and Lower hook travel limit switch
• Additional Counter weight operated over hoist limit switch as option
• VVVF drives are available as an option
• Compact and lightweight festoon cable system
• Pendent and Radio remote control operation

Single Girder EOT Cranes

Goliath & Semi Goliath Cranes

The goliath crane move on rails supported on floor level instead of rails placed at elevated level as in case of EOT Cranes. This eliminates the need for workshop building and hence reduction in capital cost. Goliath crane find major application in outdoors. However, the goliath cranes can also be installed inside a closed building.

Special protection is provided for outdoor duty cranes depending on application and agreement with buyer. These special features may include – corrosion allowance in design of main load bearing structural members, drilled holes on walkway to avoid accumulation of rain water, localized full cover for trolley, covers for Long travel motor/ brake, additional parking brake for Long travel motion, special paint etc

Outdoor duty goliath cranes are also checked for stability under storm condition. Special storm anchors are provided to prevent toppling of crane under storm condition.

The cross travel and long travel motor gearbox unit is designed to overcome wind resistance opposing the crane movement in addition to the power required to accelerate and move the safe working load at full speed.

Power supply to the crane is provided through DG Set, Cable Reeling drum or shrouded bus bar.

Goliath & Semi Goliath Cranes

Portable Gantry Crane

Lightweight portable gantries are available to meet needs of warehouse and small workshops. These cranes can be easily dismantled and transported to another location in a truck.

The portable gantry crane is provided with solid rubber or rubber tyred caster wheels that move on warehouse floor. The gantry can be easily pushed manually at desired location. The portable gantry crane is available in capacities ranging from 125 kgs to 2,000 kgs with a span up to 5 meters. These cranes are best suitable for light duty application and are much more economical than permanent shop cranes.

Portable Gantry Crane

Crane Attachments

C Hooks

C hooks are used mainly steel industry for handling steel coils with Eye in Horizontal Position. C hooks of 5T to 40T Capacity are available to meet specific need of customer. C hooks are made from heavy steel plates. The cutting is done with critically stressed zone placed along the direction of rolling. Soft wearing pads are provided on base and vertical leg if so required by customer to avoid scratching on finished product. Appropriate counter weight is provided to balance the hook.

Motorised Horizontal Coil Tong

Motorised horizontal coil tong is used for handling coils with Eye horizontal position. The arms are supported from horizontal member of tong. Rack and pinion arrangement is provided for expanding and collapsing the tongs. Suitable lifting Eye is provided on the tongs for lifting by shop crane hook. Proximally limit switch is provided to sense contact with coil being lifted. Motorised rotation is also available as so required by customer.

Vertical Coil Tong

Vertical coil tongs are used for lifting coil with Eye in Vertical direction. Made from high tensile plates, the coils is gripped by tong jaws. Automatic lock is provided to keep the tong in open position for engaging with coil before lifting.

Lifting Beam

Lifting beam are used in steel plants for lifting hot metal ladles and in engineering industry/ power plants for lifting heavy loads using two cranes in tandem.

Ladle handling lifting beams can be designed for suspension from a single C shank or Ramshron hook with two laminated plate hooks or can be supported by a set of pair of pulley system and forming integral part of the crane. Heat shields, wearing liner in lifting eye, forged clevis are some of the special features offered to meet customer requirement.

Lifting beams are used for load handling with two cranes in tandem are generally high capacity and are designed to specific requirement of customer. These can be supplied with plate hooks, lifting pins or with a central shaft supported on bearing as per the specific handling requirement of customer. Aditya Cranes has supplied lifting beam of 280 MT capacity and we can supply lifting beams to handle loads up to 500 MT or more.

Crane Attachments

Special Purpose Machines

Aditya Cranes supply special purpose machines to meet the specific need of Industry. Be it hydraulic Upender unit for coils to make Eye Horizontal to Vertical and vise versa; mechanically operated work platform for transformer industry or Core Building Fixture for Transformer industry, we have solution available for your specific needs.

Special Purpose Machines

Wire Rope Hoists

Aditya make Wire rope hoists are light weight yet are rugged in construction. The wire rope hoists comprised of steel rope drum that is machined accurately with grooves for supporting wire rope. The rope drum is connected to motor through totally enclosed oil lubricated spur / helical gearbox. Fail safe electromagnetic brake provided on the input side of drive to prevent accidental lowering of load in the event of power failure.

Steel wire rope with fiber core is supplied as a standard design. Stainless steel wire rope with Stainless steel sheave and bush bearings are supplied for corrosive atmosphere as per customer’s requirement.

True vertical lift with 2 x 2 falls arrangement is also available in even smaller capacities as a special feature.

The trolley moves on straight track in standard design. Bogie type trolley is provided to negotiate curves when so required by customer.

Motors are Sq cage, totally enclosed fan cooled type with class F insulation. Upper and lower hook travel limit switch is provided as a standard feature. Additionally Counter weight operated over hoist limit switch is also available as an option.

In the standard design the DOL contactor starters are provided for motors. VVVF drives are supplied as per customer’s requirement.

Heavy duty cast iron rope band cum guide is provided. The cast iron rope band and guide is much more robust in construction and do not easily break as in case of plastic rope guide.

Double speed motors are also available for hoisting and CT motion as per customer’s need.

Wire Rope Hoists

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